I am available as a speaker for parent support groups and organizations that help families impacted by developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, and any other special needs that take the already difficult job of parenting and add to the challenge. I talk to groups as a parent in the midst of my journey; I’m a participant, not an expert. My overall message to folks struggling parenting their special needs children is this: You are not alone.

Adrienne is a wonderful speaker whose dry wit puts the audience at ease even when she deals with emotional or challenging topics. She is quick on her feet and able to handle the toughest questions thrown at her. She combines all these skills with tremendous knowledge and preparation. The result is powerful, and I highly recommend her as a teacher and speaker.
Pamela Fagan Hutchins, Author: The Clark Kent Chronicles How to Screw Up Your Kids

I feel very strongly that the only way parents of children with special needs, but especially those special needs that are ‘invisible’ can be as effective as possible is if they have a strong network of support, have time and space for reflection, allow themselves to grieve the loss of their “perfect” child, and if they practice good self-care, including eating good food, getting adequate sleep, taking care of their bodies through exercise and preventative health care, and giving themselves opportunities for joy in their everyday lives.

You can file my philosophy under the heading: if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

I”ve spoken to audiences large and small: keynote addresses to 700+, and support groups of 8. I’ve done presentations to educators, students, lawyers, parents, doctors, and all combinations of parents, professionals, and random folks off the street (just kidding – but it wouldn’t throw me if it happened!)

Topics include:

  • Invisible Disabilities and Parent Stress
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Our Story
  • Parenting Invisible Special Needs
  • Easy to Love but Hard To Raise: Parenting a Very Challenging Child
  • If Mama Ain’t Happy…Beating Down the Stress of Being the Parent of a Challenging Child
  • A Neuro-Behavioral Approach to Parenting Children with Invisible Special Needs
  • Into Action: FASD and the Brain-Based approach (please see FAFASD for details about this program)

To schedule a visit to your group or to receive an outline of my presentations please contact me at adriennebashista@gmail.com or call (413) 570-5966.



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